“The Sisters Tour”

It began, as most of the crazy ideas in our family do, around my Mom’s dining room table.

Amidst the bouts of spontaneous laughter which inevitably erupt anytime the sisters are in the same room, an idea emerged.

A good idea.

A great idea!

What if ALL the sisters took a trip together?

And furthermore, what if said trip was to Europe?

Most of us have traveled extensively alone, and in other groups, but it has been decades (a few of them!) since we’ve taken a trip with all the sisters!

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, or talked to me in person for more than five minutes, you know I am one of seven sisters. “The Sisters” as we are known to most, are each other’s confidantes, safety nets, sounding boards and for one of us, during a particularly ugly adolescent episode, the target of a hairbrush hurled the length of the upstairs hallway.

Growing up in West Virginia, our vacations generally consisted of camping trips (I LOATHE camping) and the occasional road trip. I didn’t step onto an airplane until I was a freshman in college.

Upon reflection, I don’t remember anyone I knew, other than my real estate tycoon great uncle and his wife, actually flying anywhere.

So, this idea, this GREAT idea, would have been unfathomable to our younger selves.

 But there is was…hanging in the ether… one shimmering brilliant idea.

Could we? Would we?

Well, that was more than two years ago and just in case you missed the spoiler alert in the title, the answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, next month (most of) The Sisters will board a plane in Chicago bound for London, Paris, Rome and Cinque Terre!

Stay tuned for updates on our preparations for “The Sisters European Adventure”!




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