Falling IN and FOR Europe!

I’m a klutz.

I’ve fallen on the volleyball court, the golf course (in front of clients) and left a skid mark on the platform at my church.

I’ve fallen out of a chair in a department store and I’ve even fallen while standing dead still in my kitchen.

While strolling through La Defense in Paris, amidst the Grand Arche and “Big Thumb”, I suddenly felt myself hurling toward the pavement at what seemed simultaneously to be both an alarming speed and ultra-slow motion. My camera, et al spilling onto the concourse.

During an ice storm, I once took an ill-advised trek from my hotel to Yonge-Dundas Square (Toronto’s equivalent of NYC’s Times Square). Wearing boots I had recently purchased for an upcoming trip to Iceland, I was, let’s just say, a little over-confident. In short order, as I was flailing on the icy sidewalk trying to regain an upright position, I discovered there is truth to the notion that Canadians on the whole, are more polite than Americans.

Then there was the time I tripped and nearly took a header into the Mediterranean while trying to apply a temporary tattoo I fished out of a Spanish bag of Cheetos.

I have fallen IN a lot of places, but from the first time I visited Europe, I also fell FOR it!

In this space I’ll be sharing some of the wonders I’ve seen in my travels- as well as some of the humor! I’ll reminisce about past adventures, and bring you along on journeys yet to come.

Hope you enjoy the trip! (pun intended)

Au revoir!

~The Gen X Traveler

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